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Yo NG!!!

2007-09-24 01:15:12 by calcoA

Hey hey!! so this is for my fans lol! what fans?!! But hey maybe in the future!

Madness : PTNG is on front page. Im happy that it got out. SwiftstylerX work hard on it. A true boss.In the end swift did like more than half that flash. He was realy in a crunch the last day.

I did the foamy part.I hope some peeps can see why that happen to foamy in your madness day flash. A) if a guy just looked at foamy for over 5 sec without saying a word. what whould foamy do? B) How whould Hank reacted to what foamy did in the madness flash(go watch it to see) and C) it was funnny!!! :P

We are looking to the next PTNG. We hope to make it big and plan on putting alot of work and time into it. So keep an eye out for it. Swift will be updating his log on ng to keep the fan base of PTNG alive. Trust me he likes to post like a mo-fo. If you like to add something that we might not have done in PTNG! give us a shout! If you have any good advice for the next one. We may use it. So dont be shy text back at me!! Im a nice guy!


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2007-09-25 02:45:21

foamy is a big shit

calcoA responds:

ok .... well good point!... it's funny some peep on ng hate him and some love him. Thanks for your point of view!


2007-10-08 21:19:24


calcoA responds:



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